Our Platform

The first Multi-Modal asset tracking platform.

The worlds first asset tracking platform allowing you
to bring all your assets into one place. See insights
on your whole fleet, no matter the type.

Our Services

Platform Features

Multi-Modal Support

Our platform supports any assets you might have, from Bicycles and Cars to Drones and Rockets.

Strategic planning

Plan better knowing far in advance of any maintenance issues upcoming in your fleet

Carbon Offsetting

We offset your emissions in real-time, turning your business carbon-netural overnight.

Deep Insights

We analyise your data every minute, giving you deep insights into the future of your fleet.


We turn information into actionable insights

Our system takes your data and displays in a way which is actionable, making sense to your whole team.

  • Know about maintenance issues before they happen
  • View the overall effiency of your fleet
  • See routes your fleet will take in advance from our prediction engine
  • Have your data explained monthly by an experienced analyist

The power of hindsight, today.

GoLocate fuses location tracking with route analysis to deliver powerful insights into your fleet. It provides real time predictions of your vehicles and delivery drivers, by integrating live maps with sophisticated route analysis for a complete distribution visibility.

Our Process

The future is brighter when you're strategically more prepared


Initial Discussion

We learn about your business in order
to provide the most value and
make sure our solution would suit your fleet.



We'll get you setup on the platform
and start generating some hidden
insights in your business.


Save Money

We'll catch up monthly with a data analyst
being able to give you actionable insights
on how to reduce costs in your business.


What People Think About Us

We were able to reduce our vehicle downtime by 50% and track all our vehicles in one place saving us a lot of time. GoLocate is easy to use and provides a lot of insight on routes taking in advance via predictions and machine learning.

Charles Patterson

Our search is the growth engine of our business, but it would have been impossible to scale without GoLocate. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of GoLocate has allowed us to scale our fleet and get a real-time view of where our trucks are and how they're performing.

Arjan Martinez

We use GoLocate to keep track of our fleet on a daily basis. We have found that by using GoLocate, we are able to save up to 30% in fuel costs per month! We love it and recommend it to other trucking companies!

Emelia Hudson

This program makes it easy to track and reduce your carbon footprint. It is a great way to promote a company as having high standards for environmental friendliness. The interface is easy to use and the tracking information is accurate saving you time.

Belinda Hussain

The GoLocate GPS tracking device was far and away the best solution I found for tracking fleet vehicles. It's easy to use, and cost-effective for small businesses like ours.

Harvey Erickson

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