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Realtime tracking

GoLocate offers you the peace of mind of tracking all your assets in real time, through all environments on any device without bulky or tiresome hardware. Just a simple device, custom built to suite your needs at a price which suites you.

Safe and Secure

Safety and Security is a top priority for the business, we know your needs as we live them ourselves. Your data is stored with 256bit encryption in an area of the world to suite your business needs, whether that be in the centre of London or the middle of Tokyo. With real-time monitoring and protection, you can be assured that your location data is kept safe.

Machine Learning

Equip your business with the power of Machine Learning. With Microsoft PowerBI compability built in, You can anaylse in realtime trends and future locations based on the previous data you've gathered and make this data work for your business.

Hardware Guarantee

GoLocate hardware is custom built by hand to suite every business need. With a powerful diagnostics services running on every device, We're able to tell the faults before they arrive and ensure you are constantly able to work, without worrying about the small things.